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Friday, November 17, 2017

Athletic Program

St. Elizabeth Seton School works to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive education that includes physical education. Participation in competitive athletics gives students the opportunity to be healthy and active. They learn and master sports skills and strategy, and gain another level of competence and self-confidence. Students acquire the necessary sports experience that enables them to consider athletics at the high school level.
After school sports are offered for students in grades 4th - 8th who are in good academic standing. St. Elizabeth Seton School competes in the San Jose Catholic Association League. As a member of this league we compete against other Catholic elementary schools within the Diocese of San Jose.
Sport Programs Offered at Seton:
Girls Volleyball teams
Girls Basketball teams
Girls Soccer teams
Boys Basketball teams
Boys Football team
Boys Soccer teams
Track and field
Seton parents believe in the potential of our sports program and support it by volunteering to coach, carpooling to and from games, and by providing snacks and beverages.
Our Athletic Director, Francisco Villarreal, works with all students to teach critical life skills through athletics. Mr. Villarreal has established three focal points within the Athletic Program, which are: teamwork, effort and sportsmanship. The children demonstrate teamwork by showing up for practice, effort is demonstrated by how hard they work at doing their best, and showing respect to their opponents and teammates reflects sportsmanship. Awards are presented to selected students at the weekly morning assembly who demonstrate these skills within the sports program.
Coaches Wanted
We need coaches to lead our teams year round. If you are interested in helping our sports program, please contact Mr. Villarreal at (650) 326-9004.

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